Ginseng Rootlets

Our rootlets are priced reasonably, and provide an opportunity to avoid the treacherous first year in raising ginseng from seed, while simultaneously shortening time to harvest.

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We will open for woodsgrown rootlet orders in the next week or so -as soon as we are sure of our availabilty.

Ginseng Rootlets

Ginseng rootlets from Emerald Castle Farms are an ideal way to get started growing ginseng. Rootlets are available in lower quantities and in varying age groups. The older the root the more robust and resilient it will likely be, and the better your chances for success. This is the reason older rootlets are often in higher demand for small personal production or woodland flower beds.

Our SELECT ginseng roots are grown in raised beds where they can be maintained better than they could be in the woods. Typically, the SELECT roots are larger than their woods grown counterparts, but still shy of the size and obvious characteristics of commercial farm raised rootlets. In my experience, SELECT roots properly transplanted into suitable ground will quickly take on a natural wild appearance and character -even in tilled beds as long as growth enhancers are not introduced.

One of the common questions I am asked is how the SELECT rootlets compare to the woodsgrown roots. Here is a comparison of the three types/ages of rootlets. None of these roots were given any fertilizer or any form of growth enhancement. Notice the SELECTs are a little larger than the typical 2 year old woodsgrown roots. This isn't the case every year, however. Also notice that they are not quite as wild looking -they are after all raised in peat beds and only one year old. (The coin is a quarter)

1yr SELECT Rootlets

25, 1yr SELECT Rootlets $24.95

50, 1yr SELECT Rootlets $43.95

100, 1yr SELECT Rootlets $76.95

2yr SELECT Rootlets

25, 2yr SELECT Rootlets $60.95

50, 2yr SELECT Rootlets $119.95

100, 2yr SELECT Rootlets $199.95

250, 2yr SELECT Rootlets $395.00 Ships FREE

4-5 year Woods Grown Rootlets

25, 4-5yr Woods Grown Rootlet $ August 2017

50, 4-5yr Woods Grown Rootlets $ August 2017

5-7 yr Woods Grown Rootlets

August 2017

Limited supply

11-13 year old Seed Bearing Roots

August 2017

Limited supply

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