Growing Ginseng: A Beginner's Guide

Everything you need to know to get started growing ginseng. Whether you want a few plants in the flower beds, small production or large wild simulated plantings, this book will give you a great place to start.

Growing Ginseng: A Beginner's Guide

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"I bought your book and absolutely love it. It is clean and packed full of useful information and advice. Thanks for publishing it."

John C.

Growing Ginseng: A Beginner's Guide 2nd edition, is formated on full 8.5" x 11" sheets and is about 140 pages long with fifteen chapters (almost twice as big as the original version and with over three times the amount of pictures). There are 125 full color, high resolution pictures in this book to help explain the concepts and details discussed. Most importantly, this book is written with the complete beginner in mind, and yet addresses the questions and concerns of experienced growers also.

Here is a basic description of the chapters

Chapter 1 Ginseng Characteristics

I put just the basics in Chapter 1. Much of this you may already know. I go over the plant's shade and soil requirements and its basic life cycle. Also, I have included a very small section about the listing of American ginseng in CITES II.

Chapter 2 Common Growing Methods

In Chapter 2, I discuss the differences of the three common growing methods. These are wild simulated, woods grown, and small scale artificial shade. I have also added my opinions on the definition of these methods and what practices are appropriate for each.

Chapter 3 Things You Need to know

I discuss the pros and cons of seeds vs. rootlets in Chapter 3, with an emphasis on the economics of both. When to buy seed, how to store it and what to expect, are all included here.

Chapter 4 Seeds & Stratification

In this chapter, I discuss the process of stratifying ginseng seed fresh off the plant. I discuss when to use bleach and fungicide, and how to set up a stratification box. Of particular interest is the discussion of delayed dormancy in ginseng seeds. What conditions bring about delayed dormancy and how best to prevent it is all here.

Chapter 5 Planting Ginseng 101

Chapter 5 is a nuts and bolts explanation of how to plant ginseng seed or rootlets consistently with each of the three major methods. Woods grown method is covered at length in this chaper.

Chapter 6 Garlic Mustard, Chipmunks & Slugs

I discuss three of my top five pests to ginseng growers (deer and thieves have their own chapters). New information on dealing with garlic mustard is included here.

Chapter 7 Dealing with Deer

I discuss setting up and maintaining an electric fence for deer exclusion in remote areas as well as a little bit about what to do to keep the deer on the other side of that fence.

Chapter 8 A Word About Thieves

In some areas thieves are the top problem for ginseng growers. What can we do to keep our ginseng until we are ready to reap our rewards? I talk about that issue in this chapter as well as some techniques that might help keep our ginseng from being dug by theives.

Chapter 9 Determining the Appropriate Size of Your Operation

How much money are we willing to invest in our ginseng operation? This is a primary question I look at in Chapter 9. What are our realistic chances for success, and what equipment and supplies will we need are all part of this chapter.

Chapter 10 A Closer Look at Various Sizes of Operation

Building on Chapter 9, I take the information there and apply it to shade and woodland gardens, small-scale wild simulated operations, and small personal production. Companion plants for small woodland gardens are also included here.

Chapter 11 Ginseng Diseases

Chapter 11 is basic nuts and bolts on dealing with ginseng disease. I discuss the basics of the common ginseng diseases and how to combat them. This chapter includes a listing of fungicides which might be appropriate for use on ginseng, what diseases they are labeled for, and their mixing rates. I have included mixing rates for small sprayers wherever possible.

Chapter 12 More on Small Production Under Artificial Shade

This chapter specifically discusses small shad production of ginseng. I discuss the various shade methods and how to set up raised beds with a custom soil mix.

Chapter 13 Learning from Commercial Growers

Research of any crop generally follows the money. Ginseng is no exception. Therefore, most of the research which has been done is in the area of large commercial ginseng farming operations. We can learn from this knowledge. In this chapter, I go through the commercial operation and look for areas which we may adapt to our own small-scale growing. The extensive information on commercial shade farms and the accompanying pictures are a must see for those who have never seen a real commercial ginseng farm.

Chapter 14 Harvesting & Selling Our Ginseng

Like any crop, we need our ginseng to arrive at the buyer's door in peak condition. It needs to be mature, and handled correctly to bring top dollar. I start by digging the plant properly, washing it correctly, and conditioning the roots before drying. Conditioning is a foreign concept to many wildcrafters and ginseng dealers alike. However, this is one of the things we have learned from commercial ginseng farmers which can help us produce top quality roots for market. I also discuss what the ginseng market is looking for at this point, and what "good" ginseng looks like. I also touch on the basic economics of the ginseng market to shed some light on the dealer's world.

Chapter 15 Never Stop Learning

In the final chapter, I discuss the need we all have to learn more about creating a high quality product for market. Traditional wisdom isn't always correct in this regard. We need to be willing to learn, to experiment, and most of all, to learn about and try new things.

I wish I had this information when I started

If I had this information when I started, I would have been so much farther ahead! Now you can benefit from the experiences I have had as I was learning to grow ginseng. I have spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time learning the dos and don'ts of growing ginseng. I have invested money and time in experimentation, testing inovative ideas and learning from others. Now, I'm offering to share this information with you...information that quite frankly works.

No matter if you are just a small woodland gardener who would like to be able to enjoy these wonderful rare plants in the flowerbeds around your home, or, if you want to turn a hobby into a more profitable endeavor, you are sure to find something in this book that is worth far more than the modest price I am asking.

This information would have been worth pure gold to me when I first started. If only someone who knew about ginseng would have made that information available to me back then.

I ordered your printable book for my dad yesterday and he loves it. He wants to order your EFC seeder and a pound of seed. He is so excited!"

Fonda A

Order your copy today! The information contained here -and the coupons alone- are worth far more than I'm asking for this book. I am not aware of any other book out there on the subject growing ginseng which is printed in full color.

PDF Instant Download Only: $19.95

Thank you for your support as we continue to learn more about this awesome mystical plant.


P.S. If I can save you just one day's time that is enough to plant an extra pound of seeds. With about 7000 seeds in a pound, that could be some real money going to your bottom line. If we expect only 15% survival at harvest of that one pound, and use 200 roots per pound, that would be worth over $2600 at $500 per pound! WOW!! What an investment you would have made in purchasing this information for such a small price!

"A truly brilliant hands-on guide to the steps involved to become a successful grower and marketer of a mystical and fragile plant. The author shares firsthand experiences and many referenced knowledge sources with intellectual and emotional dispensary. Using a mix of technical advice and parody, Brad delves into the very essence of the pros and cons of the process's involved in becoming a hobbyist or larger producer. His ability to simplify instructions and use of photographs creates an informative and educational setting to absorb the detailed and complete information contained in his book.

"Brad has included a lifetime of experience giving you insight into very minute information that can make or break even the most skilled and experienced growers. Much of this information is a culmination of many lifetimes spent perfecting a viable course to ensure healthy and quality plants.

"I recommend this book to anyone interested or involved in the growing and/or marketing of ginseng. It is the most enjoyable 'Tech' manual I've ever read."

Robert S. Hatfield.
Author, Online Editor and Writer's Forum Moderator

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