Planting Wild Simulated ginseng

Wild Simulated most closely approximates truly wild ginseng. This method requires the least time committment, and often results in the highest prices per pound as the resulting roots are consider wild by most standards of quality.

Planting Wild Simulated ginseng

There are many opinions about how it is best to plant ginseng seed "Wild Simulated Style." Traditional planting this way is done with minimal equipment. One pound of seed requires about 1,600 square feet of space. I like to plant using a twelve foot wide by 160 foot long planting area with a two-foot un-planted strip down the middle the entire length for a pathway. Simply rake the leaves back to get down to the soil and sow the seeds so there are about four to five seeds per square foot. Rake the leaves back over top of the sown seeds and you are done.

Now, with past experience I have my own recommendations to add a few steps with this method, to get better germination. It is best to scratch the soil vigorously with a garden rake to get the surface of the soil loosened up a bit. Or, you may chose to use a small cultivator like a garden weasel or small rototiller. Just make sure you only loosen the top one to two inches of soil. Once this is done, sow the seed then scratch the seed in with a garden rake so the seed will work into the soil 1/4 to 1/2 inch. This gives the seed a much better chance for germination and less of a chance of drying out. Next, rake the leaves back over the soil and seeds as previously described. It is best to step on the planting area as much as possible after planting.

I recommend you read up on soil conditions as far as pH, Calcium levels and the lay of the land. This information is readily available on the Internet, and I will be happy to assist anyone who has a difficult time finding the information. One more thing I recommend, make sure you schedule your planting one to three days prior to an expected rain. A good rain is important to water the seed in and will repack the leaf litter which will hold the moisture.

These are some good guidelines and I recommend reading up on them as much as possible prior to planting.

It is also possible to plant ginseng seed one seed at a time using a planting stick. Germination will be at its best with this method, but, it requires a bit more time and effort. However, the results may be worth the extra work.


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