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October 16, 2015
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Medicinal Mushroom Products

What research I've been doing on these medicinal mushrooms is really surprising to me. Whether ground, powdered or in an extract, the health benefits are unbelievable!

Click here to visit the Chaga page and learn more about this awesome natural healer

Updated!Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract (Trametes versicolor)

A page for medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and related products as they are available. A fresh batch of Turkey Tail mushroom double extract is now available!
Turkey Tail Mushroom Products and Information

April 30, 2016

New Article
Ginseng Seed Dormancy & Delayed Germination in Plain English "

All of us sooner or later experience delayed germination. Why does it happen and what we can do about it

Ginseng Seed Dormancy & Delayed Germination by Brad


Updated May 16, 2016

Additional pictures and information!

June 10, 2015

New Article "Good Gisneng?"

If you ever wanted to know what a dealer was looking for and why they picked out some roots or gave a lower price, check out this new article

Good Ginseng? by Brad


2016 Ginseng Fungicide Report

Updated for 2016!

Instand Download!

A listing of 68 fungicides (and a couple bonus products) which are currently labeled for use on ginseng all in one place. Products are indexed alphabetically and by pathogen for quick selection. Additionally, each product has its own page where all the information you will need is at your fingertips.
2016 Ginseng Fungicide Report

Growing Ginseng: A Beginner's Guide

Instand Download PDF now available!

Its finally finished gang! Nine years since my first eBook went live, its big brother is finally finished. Visit the Other Products page for details or click here to visit the book's sales page
Growing Ginseng: A Beginner's Guide page.

What we do

Emerald Castle Farms is still a division of Castle Enterprises. We sell ginseng seed and rootlets to growers and woodland flower gardeners. We occasionally have other woodland plants available, or can get them on a special request basis. We are the inventor and manufacturer of the ECF Seeder. Our seeder is designed to work through leafs, and in all sorts of soil conditions to take the strain out of planting wild simulated ginseng in unprepared ground. We hope to continue to expand our product line to provide our customers with everything they need related to the growing and responsible harvest of ginseng and other woodland botanicals.


Ohio Ginseng Dealer

We have been an Ohio ginseng dealer for a number of years. We have recently expanded this part of our business to include being a licensed exporter of ginseng and goldenseal. We are currently buying wild ginseng when in season, as well as some of the other madicinal herbs.


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